Living that #Vanlife — Two Weeks in the Mojave Desert


One of my favorite things about living in the wilderness is pooping in the woods. The squatting position just feels right. In general, backcountry bathroom is about behaving like a cat: seeking a hidden spot, digging a hole with my trowel, squatting while appreciating sunrise or the stars, and then burying everything.

My deluxe bathroom


The mini-fridge, the two-burner stove, and the sink made a huge difference. We were able to cook some decent meals. The kitchen space is very small The campervan also has a 16-gallon water tank, which can sustain us for about 4 days. But the water is not potable.


This had been the biggest challenge during the trip. As the campsites were all booked, we stayed mainly at a Whole Foods parking lot and multiple dispersed campsites. I had thin skin and felt self-conscious whenever I only went into Whole Foods for its restroom.

The water bag


We turned the sitting benches into our bed every night, by placing wood plates in the middle and bridging the benches. We then put some thin mats on top of the wood and then crawled into our sleeping bags.



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After My 40 Hours

After My 40 Hours

My labels: rock climbing, backpacking & social impact